It's all personal, I'm a fan of Ernie Ball but it's good to experiment.
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i reallly like ernie ball
since the first time i tryed them... never changed again
they have an amazing tone, maybe thats why a large number of great bands use them
but it is true that they wore out kind off fast... but not so fast so...
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I'd say they're about the same (though I haven't bought Ernie Ball in a while since i never find them here)

but I prefer Rotosound

and I'd also say D'Addario beats both of them in longevity (at least before you get to stuff like those fancy Elixirs), but the sound is well....I'd describe it as "modern" (I like it sometimes....I mix it up often)
I don't know if you should trust many of these comments because most,i assume, will be from american members who have never used the uk made rotosounds.

i am from the uk and spent months finding the right strings for me, i tried almost every well known brand imaginable and a few lesser known brands and for me rotosounds were absolutely the best.

best tone (slightly more mellow sounding than the rather bright ernie balls), they last a lot longer than most brands of not all brands, definitely a lot longer than ernie balls. they seem to intonate very well, i have found rotosound packs to be the most consistent, they come with an extra 1st string free! not that you will evrr need that because they never break (at least not with me), and to top it all off they are excellent value (not sure how much they are if you live in the usa) . I use these strings for metal bgut because they are slightly more mellow they can anything else very well indeed.

strings are a very personal thing but for me rotosounds are simply the best.

After rotosound my fave strings are DR and GHS Eric Johnsons. I have also had decent results with Skull strings. Ernie beat dadarrio hands down and i would have n trouble using them if i couldn't get hold of rotosounds. but rotosound vs ernie ball for = rotos for the win
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