yeah so me and my friend are planning on playing a few songs at graduation this year since we're seniors and we want to go out with an impression and so we need some ideas on what songs we could do... preferably not too hard and i a crowd pleaser. thanx.
buckethead-night of the slunk or sail on soothsayer
yes- roundabout
led zeppelin-stairway to heaven

idk what type of music you like to play son!
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well me and my friend don't want to play anything like Free Bird or whatever.... Something relatively fast but not impossible..... But I listen to stuff like Coheed & Cambria.... AFI.... Blessthefall.... etc. and he likes stuff like Avenged Sevenfold.... and Metallica... and All That Remains... but we are willing to play other stuff... Stairway is too long....lol umm... yeah. we're trying to figure it out pretty fast cuz we want to do this perfectly....
-thanx again...