Those of you in the UK may recognise the recent advertising campaign from The Natural Confectionery Company. I for one think the adverts are brilliant.

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hsRmkm6RdAQ is my personal favourite.

My question is this: Where the HELL can I buy these things? No amount of Googling or researching otherwise has enabled me to find stockists and I can't find them in any of my local supermarkets. I really want to get some of these, they look awesome.

Any ideas or wisdom would be much appreciated.
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Man that's badass.

bring on the trumpets!

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Send In the Trumpets!

I love these obscure adverts

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I definitely don't smell a meme but I thought I'd chip in. =P

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spreading memes is a warnable offence you know?
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Do we really need yet another thread about these adverts? I've never seen the sweets on sale, but then I'm not a child or a paedo, so I don't hang around in the confectionery section at supermarkets.
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spreading memes is a warnable offence you know?

Fixed. =)
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
They have the sour worm ones in the Co-op!
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