As the clock strikes
with every move it alarms
to remind me what lies ahead
In dangled hope that tends
towards a discontent
A sense of apocalypse prevails
What have i done?
12 weeks just passed by
and i stand where i began
This purgatory.

And here i stand.
Hours away from the land
Where my boat embarks
i shall walk onto the shore
to defeat the monster that resides
Had i been born a warrior
my task would have been simple
But i had to learn.

And here i stand
Tired and scared
as the last of summer sunshine
hibernates behind a heavy sky
Grey the color darker than lead
It breathes right above my head
Its alive and ready
Its waiting
To attack me
To annihilate me
I feel i've been here before
But not this close.
I feel the metal in my hand
Just minutes from the sand
Tomorrow I fight.

Yes, i just needed to get something off my chest. I've got to do these two crazy exams tomorrow and i'm really under prepared. Wasn't feeling great so just came on here to write something to lighten myself.