So I recently got a Blackheart Little Giant, and have been thinking about getting some pedals. I have a line 6 pod xt live, but it seems to suck away some of the tube's tone. It doesn't sound bad, but just not as good as I want it to. Anyways, I live in an apartment and so I can't really crank my amp loud enough for it to naturally overdrive itself. I mostly play stuff like Hendrix, Zeppelin, some alternative rock, and the hardest I get is Slash's work. Also, if it helps, my friend just recently switched out the stock tube for a vintage Mullard tube (it was brand new too, it was a pretty awesome find especially since it was for free).
The first two pedals that come to my mind are a tubescreamer or Vox's new Satchurator (I read a really good review of it in the latest guitar world). My issue with the tubescreamer is that I'm afraid that it wont go heavy enough for me to get a good Slash-type overdrive. From everything I've heard about it, it seems to be good to get a good bluesy tone, but thats about it. Is this true? Now the thing about the Satchurator is that it's a distortion pedal, which I've heard don't bode to well with tube amps, as they tend to create their own tone, and you don't hear the amps tone through them. But, it does have the "more" switch which is something that interests me.
So what would you guys suggest? I've considered getting something like the Jekyll and Hyde pedal, but I'm not sure how good it really is. So, any suggestions are appreciated.
If you can afford it, get a TS808. That should get more than heavy for what you want. Or just run 2 TS9s in a row. One with the gain dimed, and the other one with however much more that you want.
i wouldn't mind a jekyll and hyde to go with my h2o, i'm also thinking maxon od808 would be perfect, or a fulltone ocd
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For a low budget, Boss SD-1, I use DS-1 even though its distortion and it sounds great thru my Deluxe 'Verb.
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I used a Fulltone OCD when I used my blackheart on low volumes, sounded good.
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is the TS808 much heavier than a ts9? Also, isn't it true that you can modify a TS9 to be exactly like a TS808 for less than $10. And which pedal would be better for my taste, the fulltone OCD or the tubescreamer?
They're different beasts. The TS is good if you're boosting an already driven amp, the OCD can give you quite a bit of gain on tap and be used as a decent booster too (more expensive tho)
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
so I'm leaning towards the fulltone OCD now, as it seems to have more gain, and would be much more versatile for the type of music that I play compared to the tubescreamer. Would anyone happen to have any input on the jekyll and hyde vs a fulltone OCD?
The tubescreamer will be more than enough to cover Slash's music. We're not talking insane amounts of gain here. Why not bring your amp down to your local music store and try them out?