Well I'm in dire need of a passive bass as a backup bass as my current one is having random unreliable stints so yeah my budget is pretty limited (hence why I'm asking for cheap basses) and is £120 I can stretch to about £130 at a push. I don't really want to buy new as I need something to replace my squier J-bass as its knackered and I can't be bothered to spend money on fixing it cheaper to replace.

So yeah I'm looking for a Squier standard, affinity, vintage modern (if theres any going for the price i'm offering) or any kind of other brands with similar models/quality.

Well.. The budgets £120 so what can you guys offer me?

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I have an LTD B-55. For pics look in this thread. Can post for £20 and sell for £100.

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peavey milestone 3? £60-70?

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