Well I did it!

I bought the Epiphone Prophecy Futura today. What a sweet guitar it's better than most Gibsons I have owned and the EMG 81/85 sound so sweet! This guitar has to be my favorite guitar out of the bunch. I went over this with a fine tooth comb and couldn't find a flaw. The neck plays like a dream and the feel and weight of this guitar is perfect. Best $550.00 I have ever spent.

If you haven't tried this line of guitars from Epi go out and get your hands on one. It has to be the best guitar Epi produces......

please tell me your not playing it through that line 6.....

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
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meh i like my gibson explorer better then any other guitar, ESPECIALLY epiphone
I'd prefer that other epi prophecy one they have.

doesn't have emgs but it has an OFR i think.

EDIT: the prophecy EM-2 Custom FX
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I still don't like the Anorexic Explorer look of that line. I'd go for the Les Paul from that series myself. Nice buy though.
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Yes, I do play it thru my Line 6 and I love the combination I won't buy a guitar until i paly it thru a Line 6. People might not like Line 6 for whatever reason but I have been very happy with the sound and the way it preforms at home and on stage. I have tried several other amps and it's a good amp. I see people trashing Line 6 amps and to tell you the truth I can't find a reason why these amps have great range and sound. I have found people do not understand how to set them I showed another guitarist how i set mine and he was impressed. I have played thru most SS amps Crate, Randall, Peavy, B52, Marshall, Berranger ect. I always prefered the Line 6 Spyder II over them all. I don't even think the Spyder III is as good as the II.

As far as the look of this guitar it was actually the prototype that spawned the Explorer. I love the skinny waist and feel of this. I am a huge Gibson fan and have owned many Explorers and Vs I could never find a Futura reissue I could afford I think they hovered in the 10 thousand dollar range. This guitar blows them all away. I have to add I love the other guitars in this line the SG, LP and EM1 are all great. So if this shape is not your thing get one of the others they play great I have tried all of them.
It looks like ass. And play a good tube amp and your opinion will chsnge. Fine for practice, but onstage or in studio its gotta be tube.
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Seeing it for real now.... it looks kinda small.

And as far as the line 6 goes, i hear spider IIs are fine. It's the spider IIIs that suck the most apparently.
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Seeing it for real now.... it looks kinda small.

And as far as the line 6 goes, i hear spider IIs are fine. It's the spider IIIs that suck the most apparently.

That is how rumors start. I have a Spider III and it is perfectly fine as long as you have the volume decent. Lower volumes is pretty soft. Higher volumes it performs great. More of a band practice guitar though.
I'm not trying to bash you. But people who claim their new epiphone is better than a Gibson they owned... It generally means they never owned a Gibson.
Nice purchase. I was interested in getting a Les Paul Prophecy GX myself, but the price has always deterred me.
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Well, I used to collect Gibsons guitars and basses and owned, played, repaired and sold over a couple hundred in my years. I prefered Explorers and Vs over LPs and SGs, LPs are nice but way too common and everyone makes a copy of them I have noticed lately that the V and Explorer shape have been copied of the years as well but still not as much as Lps and Strats.

I still repair and build guitars I am working on two commision works now. I am also back into buying and selling them.

The Epiphone does play better than a lot of Gibsons I have owned try one out and see. I love Gibsons and I would take one over most guitars out there but there are more and more guitar companies that are making great guitars at a fraction of the price that easily compete with Gibsons.

A lot of Strat/Fender guys will say Gibsons are crap.

As far as Line 6 goes I have used it on stage and lent it to a couple friends who used it at gigs and it was fine. I have owned a few Marshall tube amps in my day and I love them but right now unless I get a great deal on a vintage one I will stick with my Line 6. I have played some of the new Marshalls both SS and Tube and they just don't seem to have the bite the older ones have. I think a lot of people who have tried Line 6 amps just never owned one just palyed them in a store where you can't crank them or had the time to play with the settings. I get some awesome tones from mine. I showed a guitarist in a band at one of my nephews shows how I set mine up and he was very happy with the sound.

Here are a couple pics of the back. I forgot to mention Epi did the neck in a nice satin finish that helps the feel of the neck a lot. Up untill recently I was a big fan of satin necks but now i prefer them over the shiny full finish necks.

Neck joint

can't imagine those upper frets would be comfortable but obviously you like the guitar and that's all that matters really.

Don't really understand why people care about looks. obviously all other things being equal it could be a deciding factor, but I'd rather have an ugly guitar that's moulded to my hands than a pretty guitar that feels like styrofoam.

it's funny that most people will claim not to care about what other people think, but then actually care about how they look on stage etc.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
does that sticker say "limited lifetime guarantee"? omgwtfbbq?
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does that sticker say "limited lifetime guarantee"? omgwtfbbq?

it'll be a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects or something like that rather than a blanket cover.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
Epi has always given the limited liftime warrenty on all their guitars since I can remember.

You can read it here:

Like any warrenty it only protects you from manufacturing defects so it's hard to prove you didn't abuse it in some way. I have a few off brands that give the same warrenty. I can fix just about any problem so it's really no concern unless the wood starts to seperate at glue joints or something to that effect.

I had the 58 Epi Korina Explorer that I sold recently and I like the Futura much better the EMGs are great a lot better than any Epi pups. I have an Epi Custom shop Limited Editon LP with OBL Original Bill Lawrence pups that are pretty dam good and better than most Epi pups. I have a Epi Flying V Custom Shop with Gibson USA pups right from the factory. I think it's as good as any Gibson V I have had in the past.

The upper frets are not to bad to play it would have been better if the sculpted it on the back to make it easier.

I have close to 50 guitars now and the more I play this one the more I like it. Ever since I saw the original proto type Explore (futura) I have always wanted one but the Gibsons reissues ran about ten grand. When i saw Epi was going to do this guitar I was very excited and I got to play a demo one. After that I had to hunt one down.

anyone mind explaining how you would read those upper frets, i have a tendency to have my full hand around the neck, ie using my thumb to use the low e string, but on that guitar it looks impossible, BUT it is a very nice guitar nonetheless I dont want to take anything away from this thread.
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I love how when people get epiphones they instantly compare them to gibsons, but when somebody gets a Gibson they don't even think about comparing, because there's no competition. XD
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I'd prefer that other epi prophecy one they have.

doesn't have emgs but it has an OFR i think.

EDIT: the prophecy EM-2 Custom FX

same, that guitar looks like teh secks.
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Who buys 50 guitars? o.o

I wouldn't doubt if 49 of them were all epiphones. xD

I rather have like 3 high quality guitars.

USA Jackson
Harp acoustic guitar.
That guitar is sexy, I liked the looks of the Prophecy series when it came out. A choice of EMG's or Gibson Dirty Fingers (in the LP's and SG's at least). Once I get a new amp and a job, I am so buying one of these pending trying it out.
... im glad your happy about the new guitar... i hope it treats ya right, but i must say thank GOD gibson changed it into the normal explorer back in the day...that things abominable... but to each his own, if u like it thats what matters
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I played a prophecy SG in a GC and the neck was so thin and wide I couldnt play it. I prefer myself some thickness and I've played 7 strings that have necks that arent as wide but I know a lot of people like that but this was just too much maybe its different on the futura
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Hmmm....Why do people compare Epis to Gibsons? I guess it's because they are made by the same company to the same specs, tolerances and from the same types of wood but for a fraction of the price. Usually the only difference is the pups, cost of the labor to build them. IMHO Epi has a better quality control than Gibson. I have seen a lot of flaws in newer Gibsons that Epi would stamp 2nd on their guitars and not try and pass off as perfect before they hit the stores.

Also Gibson produces guitars under the name Baldwin, Epoch and Maestro they put their name on each one and these are some of the worse guitars out there even worse than First Act. Hey, they also own Kramer and Stienberger a couple of good guitar companies. I still would buy an Epi over one of those.

I also would compare a Squire to a Fender if I bought a Squire.

I recently sold a Gibson Faded Cherry Flying V I got for $550.00 at GC, I have a Limited Edition Epi Black and White Flying V I chose to keep over the Gibson because it's a better guitar IMHO and it has Gibson USA pups. This is why I had no problem selling the Gibson V. I was lucky to break even on it too. The Epi sounded better than the Gibson played just about the same I really noticed no difference in the feel or weight.

Now If I was going to compare other brands of guitars to a Gibson I would pick a new high end DEAN, Jackson, BC Rich or Ibanez over a new Gibson and I love Gibsons but the new ones are no where near as good as the vintage ones. There are great guitars for decent money and they are not Gibsons.

As far as having 50+ guitar I collect guitars as well as build and repair them 20 years ago I owned 72 Gibsons from a 55 LP to early 80s Explorers and Vs as well as a few really off the wall Gibby's. As far as $50.00 guitars go I got my 58 Melody Maker w/ OHSC for $50.00 my 55/77 reissue LP for $75 no case and a 70s LP Stanadard for a whopping $175.00. I sold all those off a little at a time after my son was born. You don't need to go into hock for a decent guitar if you shop for the deals and in todays market the deal are out there people need money and are willing to sell cheap.

Right now I am working on a deal for a Gibson Les Paul BFG w/HSC (a pretty ugly guitar IMHO) for only $300.00 this guitar sells on MF for close to 1000. I'll be picking it up today and probably selling it by the end of the week to a guy who buys a lot of my guitars. I'll post a pic of it after I get it home.

As far as my new Futura goes I'll put it up against any guitar. It performs very well and sounds amazing.

I found this on MF:

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I wish they made a model in all black with those specs : <
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please tell me your not playing it through that line 6.....

I like my line 6 (Spider III 75)...
I mean the sound isn't perfect, but for practising, it's a very versatile amp. And it's cheaper than buying like 10 pedals.
Nice guitar. I like the satin finish on the neck, it's easier to play. Congrats.
i dont like the way they chopped off a bit of the explorer.... the Lp is much nicer imo
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I like all the guitars in the Prophecy line and I have played all of them except the EM2. They are all pretty similar except for the shape. I have had my fill of LP and Strat shapes I like the off the wall shapes. I actually don't have an original Explorer Shaped guitar to do a side by side. I did get the Gibson LP BFG tonight for a very low price of 275 bucks! 275 for a mint Gibson you can't beat that. LOL I still don't like it but neither did the guy I got it from. I will sell it this weekend to my friend. The P90 is a nice touch but no where near as good as a vintage one. I have a vintage early 70s P90 I could swap and try and ask for a little more money but I think I would rather keep it in case I find an older Gibson that might need it.

Sorry for the bad pic the finish just wouldn't show well until I beefed up the contrast.