if i use a set of strings for like.. 6 months, would it effect the guitar? or is it if i just change the strings everything is back to normal?
yeah... i'd guess it'd mess up your intonation... but that's easily fixable with a new pair of strings.

I heard of something about after a while it'll warp you neck... but i think that's a bunch of BS. Because i kept a pair of strings on my guitar for almost 6 months until i changed them, about a week ago, and nothing's wrong with my guitar. Not even the intonation.

Only thing it'll do is sound a little bad, because the strings lose their life around under a month.... but other than that, it's all good.

Old strings tend to have that muddy or muffled sound for me.

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Quote by DotSick
Old strings tend to have that muddy or muffled sound for me.

I thought my old onese were okay, but i just decided to get some new ones one day... and WOW at the difference! They were so much brighter.... and fuller. I guess i just got used to the old dead ones.

I'm prepared now. Bought a 3-pack, yo!