what it is is that my friend and I were discussing the fact that standing tickets for the Slipknot/machine head/ bodom tour have sold out for the MEN gig already, after, i think less that a month on sale
standing tickets for the machine head/trivium/dragon force/arch enemy/shadows fall gig did not sell out, or at least defiantly not in that amount of time
so, i was saying that they probably havent sold out for the slipknot tour, n have probably only just sold out of a small batch

so my friend argued that they could have fully sold out cos Slipknot would be more in demand than trivium/dragon force

so what i am really asking after all that is

Slipknot > Dragon force and trivium?
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Popularity wise, Slipknot > Dragonforce n Trivium. Slipknot has alot of diehard fans, so tickets for that show will sell out fast. Or, maybe the venue is smaller, and they had less tickets to sell.
At least in my area, Trivium and Dragonforce are not played on the radio, while slipknot is
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Slipknot has a stronger fanbase than Trivium and DragonForce. They've been around longer and have a lot of diehard fans.