I have the chance to buy a used Gibson, but it has had a neckbreak, its been repaired very well.
is it worth £650-700 ?
What model is it?
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I'd say pass on it. My mate has a Gibson Les Paul Studio that has had the old headstock snap issue (why the f*ck don't Gibson just put a neck volute on these guitars!?), and while it's been fixed and stuff, it just looks horrible, and is probably even weaker than before. I'd never pay £700 for a guitar in such condition.
i paid £800 for my sg standard from sound control new - so know i wouldnt and you could probably get a better conditioned one for £600 off ebay
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i dunno what the exchange rate between pounds and dollars is so i cant say.
what model? id love to know just for vintage gibson = orgasmic reasons

As of right now, one British pound is equal to just over $1.80 American. So if you round it down to $1.80, and do the math, £700 works out to $1,268.
Unless he's changed the pickups (Standards don't have uncovered pickups), or it's some strange model of Standard, it's not a Standard. What it is is a Les Paul Classic. Classics are only worth £1000 new. Anyway, tell him you'll either give him £500 for it tops, or he can f*ck off. You can get one that isn't knackered for around that price, certainly not much more. And if he goes "It still plays like new" say this-

"Cut the crap. If it still played like a lovely new Les Paul Classic, and the headstock snapping off and then being glued back on (!) didn't effect it at all, then why the f*ck are you selling it? I'm not an idiot, it's a broken Classic, not a gleaming new Standard. I would buy this guitar, but I'm not going to be treated like a f*cking mug and have my pants pulled down over the price."

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I wouldn't buy it. I have a feeling he got that truss rod cover somewhere else to con people into thinking they were getting a good deal. It's a classic, which goes for $1800.