I've been playing guitar for 2 and a half years - ish, and In the last 6 months i've been intoxicated by Paul Gilbert. If that's the right word. I noticed he does a lot of blues shred even in harmonic minor things like Viking Kong. In any case, I've been trying and trying to find a couple good lessons for the pentatonic "Blues Scale" And i really need help. Essentially, I want a teacher :P but dont wanna pay for it. Can you guys help me with good tabs/lessons? I have a good amount of skill, just none in Blues Guitar. That's why these dumbnuts lessons on Beginners Blues guitar on youtube are really annoying. I suck at blues. Not at guitar.


We can change this into an actual HOW TO : BLUES GUITAR thread after my personal needs are met. Just needed a catchy title is all. thanks again!
There's a book I had "Blues You Can Use" that goes through all the patterns of the pentatonic scale and introduces several styles of blues.
It has to do with what cadence you play in, along with what scale(s) you use.

Start off by learning the 12-bar blues. It's basic song structure and it'll get you used to key changes that lend themselves to blues.

Learn the Pentatonic minor, the blues scale, and the Mixolydian mode of the major scale. They all lend themselves pretty well to blues. Also, get used to bends and vibrato. They can spice up blusey solos and give feeling to your riffs.
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Remember: Swing Rythms.

I find those very handy in creating a bluesy feel. Also, the Minor Blues and Minor Pentatonic Scales. Very nice scales!

And, yes, DO learn the 12 bar blues! It's not only fun for when your bored, you can change it up to suit Blues, Rock, and I've even used it to think of some cool riffs for hard rock and metal.

Need more help? Feel free to PM me.

EDIT: There are many tabs for scales posted in the "lessons" section of this site.
learn the pentatonic scale to the point where you can maintain a conversation while playing through the scale (and not just the minor all 5 shapes or "boxes"), then just play, let your fingers do the work, not your head. that is the best way i can describe blues soloing.

learn the 12 bar blues, but also learn other blues chord progressions like 16 bar blues, 8 bar blues with bridge etc etc.

finally, just enjoy the music and jam with other blues musicians. and instead of trying to outdo them, ask them "thats pretty cool, how did you do that?" learn from all different people, it will not only improve your abilities, you will get a good rapport from local musicians and you will overall improve as a guitarist.
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There's a book I had "Blues You Can Use" that goes through all the patterns of the pentatonic scale and introduces several styles of blues.

Seconded. Decidedly good book, in my opinion. It doesn't make too many assumptions of prior knowlege, so doesn't leave you with that "what the **** is that!?!" feeling. Definately recommended.
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Psh. You guys are great. thanks! This thread was a HUGE help. Thanks again! Btw, just got an e-mail back from the big man himself, talking about his blues influence. If anyone is interested..
Especially to the.new.guy. You helped a lot! Expect a PM sometime soon!
By the way, I found a great website for scales modes explanation etc chord charts. it's gosk.com "the guitarists online survival kit"