So, ive been playing for around 2 years, about 4 months very seriously. I can play pretty well but..i can always be better and im not that great but the point is im past the "ya i kinda play guitar" or the "ya i play but I suck bad" so i wanna get in a band. Ive jammed with a drummer before but i mean he really sucked lol. I got to a small highschool and nobody really in my group of friends play seriously like i do. I wanna know where i can meet people that i could potential start a band with. Also whats like a code of conduct when you jam with people is there anything that i should like really really avoid doing. The Genre i wanna play is like rock/metal but not any metalcore/gringcore/anything with core in it where the guitar is reduced to a precussion instrument... wheres a good place to meet people to jam with
School... but I guess that's out of the question...

You can jam online with people and make an online band

And about the "Code of Conduct..." There is none... Just don't be arrogant, lol.
guitar center
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Coffee house, streets, guitar center, find a teacher and he'll probably have students who'll jam.
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