damn, nice groove. When that lead synth comes in it overpowers everything else so you should probably turn it down a bit. Great, great, great, way to bring in the guitar. Sounds f***n bad ass. My only suggestion would be to maybe fool around with some slower stuff after the shredding. Maybe some long delays and phase shifting effects. Listening to some of your other stuff too, very good. c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=948441
i really enjoyed that dude...nice bass line. i like what the synth is doing, but as the above poster said, it kind of drowns out alot of the drums when it comes in. the break just before the guitar comes in is great, it definetly adds to the upcoming lead. and the guitar itself is awesome. you got some chops, sir. i find the phase/flange effect to be a little harsh during the guitar leads, though.

overall, really cool, really good. enjoyed it

and thanks for your crit

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The mix is unbalanced; the synth is too loud and drums too quiet. You should watch the levels as well because the sound is clipping a lot. I'd also pay attention to the guitar tone, which is very harsh. Way too much too effects as well; it's hard to hear what's actually going on. So, this needs a lot of work with the mixing and production. Not much to say about the songwriting. There was a few cool parts but in overall I think it lacked "something" to make it stand out. So, keep working on it.

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