I have recently acquired £200(ish) and would like to know what I should get next.

I currently have a Microcube and a tanglewood strat copy (of comparable quality to a yamaha pacifica)

I was looking at getting a digitech expression factory. Is this worth it? And other suggestions too please. Cheers.
I'd upgrade that guitar first, maybe save more for something like a MIM Fender
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Pedals will not help your tone, especially (from what i hear), multi effect pedals. And i also hear pedal don't go over too well with SS amps, especially modeling amps.

I agree with the guy above, upgrade your guitar and amp first.
I'd say amp first.... then maybe sell your old guitar and get a new one?

But it's up to you....

any suggestions on what guitar/amp to buy? I currently have about £230, but could probably stretch to about 300-ish.