I'm teaching myself purely through media resources, most heavily relying on www.justinguitar.com. So I've been playing just assuming that everything is good. The amp sounds fine when I'm just picking strings, but when practicing my strumming, it just hit me a few days ago that my amp probably shouldn't be making this sound.

My equipment is:

-Fender MIM Stratocaster
-Roland Cube 20X amp
-A $12 cable I got at a small music shop (brand is Rapco and it has a lifetime warranty)
-Has sounded like this all along
-If you need any other info, just ask.

The sound is like a phase shifter, im not familiar with a cube, does it have any effects?
I just looked it up, it does have a phase shifter in the onboard effects, just turn off the effects.
the phaser effect or the buzzing and popping when the note is sustaining ??
YES! You guys were right, it was the effects. I thought I had tried turning it off before but I'm guessing I was turning a different knob.

Whew, got a little worried there.