Okay we need an okay drummer and a vocalist for our band to finish the line-up 12-14 if at all possible. Don't expect much from us and don't respond if you're over qualified. If you can post a video of yourself on youtube and send it to the following people, GNR3737 (Conor, Lead Guitar) Jeromio10 (Jerom, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals) and SidVicious10101 (John, Me, Bassist, Backing Vocalist). We're a rock influenced band. A very much shortened list of our influences would be, Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Jimi Hendrix and Dio (John). New York please, we are in Westchester NY US and we don't want anyone outside the state that isn't willing to drive, with a drumset or electronic drumset, to NY. Thanks.