Which is the best?
I need to buy a multi effect and have a budget of 200 - 300$
I heard a lot of good things about this multi effect pedals, but since this is my first Multi effect I'don't know which one should I buy, or if it is worth the extra bucks from the rp250 to rp350 or the rp500, same with the Zoom.
Maybe there is one out there that is better than I never heard of.
I want a good metal sound for crunchy riffs and blazing solos.

Thanks for the help...
Get a Korg AX3000G its 200$ off of musicians friend
i've got it
it sounds leagues better than zoom or digitechs stuff

the distortions are good not great
everything else is freaking awesome however
i love the ring mod personally for playing stuff like pendulous threads or glass by incubus
My Gear:
Epiphone LP-100 Lefty Heritage Cherry Sunburst
Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
Line 6 Spider III 15W Amp
Korg AX3000G Multi-Effect Processor
The RP250 is ok for $150 new. You can't turn effects on and off tho easily like the 500. They do use the same chip and software. Never played a Zoom or a Korg but I hear they are good too. All hold their resale value pretty well so you could always start small and get the big boy later.

Either way, I would highly suggest playing thru some of these in person and not taking our advice