I plug my guitar into my marshall g100r cd head, a solid state, and it comes out muffled. I also plug it directly into my M-audio fasttrack usb and it sounds muffled there. So I took it and got a new tone knob, my guitar is an sg with one pickup. I got it back and it still was muffled. finally I try my bass which has hardly been use and in a yamaha good quality and it sound muffled too, in both my amp and line int straight in to my fasttrack. I found out the fast track is kind of a piece of junk so it just makes everything muffled including vocals. So I guess that leaves my amp. I got really drunk at a practice and turned it up too loud. Nothing seemed to have happend but a few weeks later I found it had a muffled sound. Can you blow out the tone in a amp? and If I did should I just accept it and buy a new one?
The amp is blown, but when buying a new amp do not buy the same one.
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