Yeah like the title says my b-day is in two weeks and my folks are giving me 250(US) to do what I want with.I need a bass amp,all I have no is a 30 watt Fender Rumble.So I need something thats decent size,enough to let me have some headroom and not overdrive it if I have to be loud.Ive looked through my latest Musicians Friend mag(which ironically was a special bass issue)and found the ULTRABASS BX1800 for like $199 and the specs are really close to what i need.Has anyone tried this out?I just need some help.
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not Behringer. you'd do better getting a waffle cone and plugging into that.

they blow out really easily, they have terrible tone, and they are made very cheaply. try Acoustic or Ashdown.
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Behinger=death... Fender bassman series are some good amps for the price.
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