How would you Harmonize a minor pentatonic scale?

when you do the key of C its chords are CMaj-Dm-Em-Fmaj-Gmaj-Am-Bdim

how does it work for minor/maj pentatonic and blues scales?
for a minor pentatonic, the first would be minor, second would be major, third would have to be a suspension right? like sus2

i might be wrong, anyone?

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for a Bm pentatonic you could use the chords Bm-D-Em-F#m-A right?

so it would be m-maj-m-m-maj?
People don't normally harmonize pentatonics like that. In a blues context, the chords in C would probably just be C, Eb, F, G, and Bb.
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for a Bm pentatonic you could use the chords Bm-D-Em-F#m-A right?

so it would be m-maj-m-m-maj?

As the poster above you said, people don't really attempt to harmonise pentatonic scales, as far as I know. If you did F#m wouldn't fit, because the fifth of that chord (C#) isn't part of the B minor pentatonic scale.

It'll still fine to use the F#m chord, because remember that a B minor pentatonic is simply MISSING notes from the B Minor scale. If you use notes from the B minor scale to form chords, and simply solo B minor pentatonic over them, nothing about it will sound jarring or out of place.
Thank you everyone! what is a concrete method to use if I wanted to
write out all the (c-c) minor and major pentatonic scales
and all the common chords that go with them? (each key that the scale is in)

Eb - G

F Ab

G - Bb

Bb - D

Im assuming you would harmonize your 4th as a Minor 3rd interval, but seeing as a 6th (b6th) isnt included in a Min Pent, it could be an option to make it a Dorian Type Thing, or a Minor Thing.
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You don't do it for minor/maj pentatonic and blues scales, only diatonic scales like C major or D minor.

Pentatonics are more for writing melodies than writing progressions. If you want to use chords underneath them, just use the chords that fit well with the full major/minor scale of that pentatonic.
Check out the harmony chart in GPP software. Its in Phase 3 theory sessions. Tells you the musical rules to mix chords and notes to harmonize properly. Simple too! Its free at www.yourgpp.com