A friend of mine is thinking about selling her guitar and amp for $150-200. The problem is I haven't played it and have never heard of the brand before so I'm not sure if this is a good deal or a waste of money. Any opinions?

It looks like a strat copy to me but for $150 (including the amp) it seems like a good deal. Thanks in advance
seeing that amp goes for 100+,
id say its a good deal. the guitar cant be that bad, and if it is you could get a better guitar for cheap and still be saving money.
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Do it.
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If that's a Roland cube 15x, then it is worth $100 new, but it sounds absolutely awful (I own one). Still, its a good deal as you will save money buying used, but you'll probably be unhappy with that equipment.
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Ive never played a Tradition electric guitar, but the acoustics they make are some of the best I have played, they are cheap(thik 150-200) and play like $800 plus guitars
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I think I'll go through with it.

I'll probably do a couple experiments on the guitar and I've been needing a practice amp anyway.