I'm a little confused on how to play these notes. Its it muffle the strings with your left hand(right handed). IF anyone can be so kind as to link a youtube video, i have searched and found nothing.
You lightly rest your fretting hand against the strings, but don't press down hard enough to actually sound the note. This will result in a percussive type sound.
yeah, you just mute the strings with your left hand to make a scratchy sound. The only things you have to be careful not to hit harmonics so i usually use more than one finger... btw thats what she said.
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huh? learning a song that is using a power chord like 7-9-9 and then XXXX after. powerchord then the X's in a row EAD
Palm mute over the pickups (Not bridge, on the actual strings), and lightly rest your left hand over the strings. This will give you a dead note, which would be the X's found on guitar pro and other tabs.
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