Ok hey im shopping around for a new amplifier. im 17 and right now my parents are only guaranteeing a maximum $300 toward it, i know i personally can probaly put up $200-$250. so any suggestions on what to do??????????
leaning more toward like hard rock, ex. AC/DC. some GNR, throw some clapton in every now and then but hopefully play mainly hard rock
all i have is a starter strat and a sp-10 practice amp. seriously am in need of an overhaul. i was going to get another guitar, but i think a new amp should be a priority.
like some small marshalls and everything but id really want something thats versatile.
If you can add 250 to your parents' budget, and play classic rock, I would (as forsaknazrael recommended) also recommend a Peavey Classic 30 and an overdrive pedal. The overdrive pedal isn't entirely necessary for classic rock, but it's nice to have for leads. I'd recommend you get a DigiTech Bad Monkey for your overdrive - mine has served me well.
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if your lookin for versatility get the vypyr tube 60...the entire vypyr series are just fantastic, i love my vypyr 75 and i imagine the tube versions could only be better
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It's good for the economy.

The OD could get a Classic 30 into the Heavy Metal territory (not a tubescreamer though, those are more like boosts).

For cheap, Crate V-33
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Peavey Classic 30 + overdrive pedal, or a used Traynor YCV50 Blue.

Traynor yes, then Peavey if you can't find a YCV50.
just to emphasize the fact that this amp will need to last me for at least 2 years and also need to be giggable. think gig like parties and stuff not like clubs or anything like that. Ive just turned 17 and i live in the amish country so i mean its not gonna take alot to make some noise but i want it to have some bang to it. and if i get a tube amp its deifintly recommended that i get a distortion pedal correct?
Tube amp and an overdrive pedal. The Classic 30 or Traynor YCV50 would easily last 2 years, more like 20 if you take care of them. And it doesn't take a lot of effort to make noise with either of them so you should be set.
Crate V33 212 is only $250 on MusiciansFriend right now.

You could use some of that money on a OD, and save up the rest towards a new guitar.
Good thing I already ordered mine.

Edit: They raised the price back up, but on the front of Musiciansfriend.com is says "New Low Price - Save up to 72% Crate V Series Tube Amps from 99.99"
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^Holy cow shit batman they did!

good catch. And good snag thar ewsrocks!

Did i just read this right? The Crate V18 is now $329? WOW! Isn't that like even higher then before?

I knew I should have snagged one. I could have sold it if needed and made a profit. I personally thought they were going to clear them out for something else.