Just a song I was messing around with today and I figured I'd record it. Please excuse the guitar break in the middle, I just wanted something to separate the main lyrical parts and it's my pathetic improv attempt. So yeah the song is on my profile page, let me know what you think, c4c of course.
Pretty cool, keep it up. I like the progression. I'd write a powerful, upbeat chorus to change things up, because its noticeably missing.
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I liked it. There are a couple things you could improve though:

1. You have a very good voice, and the vocal melodies used in the song were ace, but some of the notes you sang sounded off, especially the first one. Not to mention, it sounds like what you're singing is just BARELY in your vocal range, you know what I mean? But other than that, good job in the vocal department.

2. The production was not good. It was better than a lot of songs on here, but I'm sure you could've gotten a better sound, even with low end gear.

3. It lacked variety. Spice it up, baby!

That's pretty much all there is to improve. But other than that, I really liked the chord progressions, and I LOVED your use of dynamics throughout the song. Dynamics can be very effective when used correctly, like they were in this song, but many musicians (including me) take dynamics for granted. So good job there. And for whatever reason, this song reminded me of "Wish You Were Here", and that's a pretty big complement I guess lol.

Good job 8.5/10

Crit mine? It's pretty different than this piece but whatever...

I'm a person.
Nice writing for this style and genre(folk alternative/indie).Nice chordal break in the middle(very good use of tjhose moody sounding major 7th chords)to breathe life into the into the song and give it that change before hopping back into the normal progression.Good solid lyricism as well)envokes alot of feel and emotion).Kinda reminds me of beck meets radiohesad meets flaming lips but with a folky acoustic vibe.The only thing is that the vocals went a bit flat at the end(kinda offsetted the consistency you had with them in the beginning through the middle)but anyway it was a very solid well written piece for this genre.Good job.
I really dig the folk/indie vibe. You have a good voice, but it sounds like your pushing really hard. Know your vocal limits and adjust accordingly untill your voice develops more. Overall, nice tune.
Thanks for all the great critiques. Concerning the recording quality, I know it sucks but all I did was flip open a macbook and use the built in microphone to record everything at the same time. And as far as the vocals go I'm happy you said it seemed like I was pushing hard. I was kinda going for a sort of distressed sound. If you guys have any songs you want me to give a listen to just post the link.
I wouldn't dare critique your vocals because I know nothing about singing, but I thought the progressions were nice and I found the lyrics interesting. The guitar break was pretty hot too, don't be so hard on yourself. Nice work dood.

thanks for your crit!
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