So my 6th string(low E in standard) is too loose and causes fret buzz (I already checked it wasn't a problem with my guitar, when in standard tuning there's no fretbuzz anywhere in the fretboard) when I tune in Drop C and I saw somewhere that you can change your strings gauge so they fit their most used tuning, so I wanted to know which is the best gauge for that tuning, as a side note I use D'Addario ProSteels,(0.10-0.46)

Oh and btw I wanted to ask what's the best delay to play the fall of troy stuff
You should get a set of .11's first because they'll cope with low tunings better, and if you get the heavy bottoms, then they will sound better (I.E. Less fret buzz).
Yeah, I like 10-52 when I tune down on my EC1000 (short scale) so it should work on anything.
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