I was considering purchasing the Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal for 99.99 + shipping/handling and tax. Reading some specs about it, it can be set for mass distortion, your lovey dovey crisp clean sound that I don't like, or you can have it weeping like a wah pedal. I thought it was a good wah pedal, and the fact that it sounds like it can do some mass metal sound to it. What's your opinion?

I've never heard the sound of this wah pedal, and I've never experienced it at my guitar store in town, so I'm relying on your feedback.
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I would only recommend it as a cheap wah for someone who doesn't plan on recording, giging or anything remotely serious.....Mine works but I don't care for it too much.
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Well at the moment I'm a solo man, no gigs or anything, yet. But I did get a chance to hear it through some mp3 files, it sounded pretty decent with the distorted version. I love that heavy sound such as Bullet For My Valentine.
Lots of musicians use the Weeping Demon 7. It's better than a lot of pedals, and when you start paying that much for a wah. It just comes down to personal choice.
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i have it, dont buy it. its not worth it.

This, i bought one and i dont know what was up with it it sounded like crap, there was this thud noise whenever you switched it on and off and the wah sucked.

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Umm, I got the impression from your text that you think it can do distorted tones alone? It's just a wah (they probably ment that it works well with distortion).
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