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I am going to apply to that school until I get in, but I won't apply for another year (still got to finish grade 12), but I know you have to audition, and I was wondering if a good song to play (and start learning/practicing now) would be Hope by Rush.

Uses my main (and only) instrument (guitar duh), seems reasonably difficult and I'd be impressed if I heard it from someone, would it be a good song to start perfecting now, or should I choose another?
hope is actually a pretty easy song, i can play it. it sounds a lot better in C than D imo: low to high -> CGCGGC rather than DADAAD.
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I haven't tried it yet, but it does sound awesome, regardless.

I assume your talking about the tab on this site with the tuning?
What can you play now? Do you know theory? can you improvise? how well can you play now? how much do you think you will improve? etc

we cant really tell you what to play if you dont tell us how good you are
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Writing music is hard D:
yes, apperently universities love jazz, i was thinking of playing some slide when im ready to go, of course ill blend my blues with Teh Jazz
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Def play Hope it is a great song
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i say, write a blues/ jazz solo song
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