Lol, I thought it said "I want dual-monsters." at first.


But in all seriousness, this should work, depending on the size of you monitor cables.


Edit again: Wait no it wouldn't. What the hell am I thinking. All that would manage to do is send the same picture to both monitors...
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not hard. just need a video card with the same monitor input port.
my laptop can do it.
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Finally a chance to ask this question. What exactly is the advantage of this? The only time I've ever seen it was on G4 when some guy was playing 8 WoW characters at once and doing all kinds of raping.

more productivity, better multi-tasking, etc. etc.
you dont really need that thingy depending on your video card

ive done that myself a few times with my card, wich is really old (ATI radeon 9200SE)

not as cool as it looks....useful for 3dsmax thou
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motherboard + Video card.

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Either use multiple video cards or buy 1 of those boxes. Nuff said.

he can use one; my GeForce 8600 GT, and pretty much any graphics card better than that usually has two dvi outputs.
Wait, will the screen still be detected if I use a regular old DVI Splitter? Because there's an option in Ubuntu to widen the res. and I believe it can be spread over two monitors.
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