Hey I living Salisbury area of Maryland looking for some people to jam with. Start a band my real goal is to be somewhat successful and have fun. I like Progressive/Metal/Jazz Fusion/Shred. Pretty open for most music. My favorite bands are Dream Theater, Protest The Hero, The Human Abstract, Between The Buried and Me, Symphony X, Megadeth, Stanly Jordan, Al Dimeola, I like some Yes. But yeah Im open for just about anything. Looking foranyone from advanced players to beginners. I would like someone that has experience writing so I can pick some stuff up for you. I say I am a little better than beginner but not yet intermediate.

Send me a message or post here if anyone is interested.
hey man, i know you posted this a while ago but i live in Berlin, MD not far from Salisbury. I'm on the advanced side of being intermediate i think. I'd definitely get up with you and jam. My music taste is a tad different than yours but i'm willing to work with whatever you bring to the table. I'm more of a Protest the Hero, Alesana, Escape the Fate, A Skylit Drive kind of a guy but get back at me whenever you can and we'll see if we can work something out.