Well, a classical. I'm deciding which one to get. I've sort of set my mind on a La Patrie Etude, since supposedly they're good value for the money. I was about to pull the trigger until I look through the classical guitar section and notice an acoustic-electric version of the same guitar I forgot about for some reason.

Now I'm torn whether to get the straight-out acoustic one:


or the electro-acoustic version:


Is it worth the $100 difference to have plug-in capability? Or maybe there's a better third choice for the money? Budget is around the price range of above guitars, though I can be flexible.
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Electronics for acoustic guitars will only be worth buying if you use them often. If you dont, then they're not. rather simple I would say, haha.
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If I were you, I would try a few Ibanez acoustics. I'm not a big Ibanez electric player unless they're 80's made, but when I played some of their acoustics..... I bought one and my god, you can get AMAZING quality Ibanez guitars for under $400! Plus they look nice too! Seriously go to Guitar Center and play a few of their classical Ibanez guitars. You will fall in love.