Hey guys, I have a question.

Do you know what a piezo pickup does for the sound of a guitar when it has a distorted tone? For example, if you're playing some high gain stuff and you switch on the piezo, will it just sound like a boost, or will it make the sound completely different?

ever plug an acoustic into an overdriven amp? that, minus a bit of feedback.
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Well usually a piezo has a seperate output which you can run directly into a different amp or PA so you don't have to worry about that.
Piezo systems are typically used for clean, because they're just better at it than magnetic pickups - they give you a focused and clear signal regardless of how hard you pick, while picking gently (or fingerpicking) on a magnetic pickup tends to take the clarity out of the signal. However, that doesn't mean you can't push it through a high gain amp. I can see how clear, focused, and high gain sound can be of use in many many many situations.

If you switch from mag to piezo while in a high gain channel - if your setup allows for that, you'll probably notice some difference in sound, but it's not going to make your amp explode or anything.
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