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embraced each other like defeat,
in the wee hours, we
sunk bourbon down thirsty throats
burned the chill, swallowed the choke, and
swapped healthy for sane. We may
have flooded out our love, but at
least we drowned the pain.
don’t cry over...

We ordered out and
ate with sticks.
I swallowed words
and a paper slip, that read
like an obituary.
You told a joke like a secret,
stretched a crooked smile,
and between blushing cheeks whispered:
"We’re like books. When we’re opened,
We’re red."

That one just killed me.
Still showing teeth stained read,
you mop me up like
spilled milk.

Some Kind of Magic

Who's holding your fingernails just inches from your itch?
Your whispered lisp is incoherent,
holds the burn inches from my lips.
A gasp escapes; a gutted butterfly hones in on a flame,
I leak a sliver of your name and reveal
my voyeuristic tendencies.
You, me, your golden girl dreams,
your rich Ovaltine, and your stuttering speech.

This night will be an instant (cult) classic,
shelf it right between Jurassic Park and Driving Miss Daisy.
Maybe I'll save it for a sunny... Sunday?
If only it would rain and you'd come out and I'd come out
and we'd be dripping glycerine
and lasting for a while.
Orange. Great line turns, clever phrasing that borders on but never quite falls into the patronizing. Strong simile, strong suggestion. Goofy title.
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I would just like to point out that no matter how this goes, I, in some regard, will win.

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