Here's the newest concept for my band. I leaned more towards rhythmic sections utilizing some pretty complex polymeters, as well as many piano sections. Let me know what you think and ill return the favor. Just post a link or mention where to find your piece.
I thought this was pretty cool. I'll kinda try to crit this in order. I like and dislike the beginning, but that's just me. The song seems to sound too big at measure 9, almost headache inducing. I thought 18-41 lasted too long, and I don't see vocals helping because that would sound much too epic (vocals + lead harmony) near the beginning of the song. Key change part was good, nothing to say about it. The interlude and the way it led back into the riff we saw at measure 9 was cool, I really like that riff. It has a great groove to it. The changeup at measure 83 and the following breakdown were awesome, the keyboard really adds something to it. You can't hear the piano at the keys section, there's too much going on for it to be heard. Measure 98 worked well as a transition into 101, cool rhythms here as well. Measure 118 was cool . The octave thing was cool, nothing to say here. The triplets section was great, and at the Unison section reminded me of BTBAM a good bit, good job here. 152 went great into the breakdown, which is nuts. I love the rhythm here. The major part is great, one of my favorite sections. The major key isn't used enough in metal. Great arpeggios at the end, you must have a pretty killer keyboardist.

Great song, some parts seem a little too "epic" but I still like it all.

Check out Walking the Plank, Hammerman, or Garret for C4C.
Thanks for the crit. I'll get to yours right now. I really appreciate all the points you made. And I'm the keyboardist haha. The arpeggios at the end are just something I learned to play a while ago and I wanted to use them somewhere.