Will one of these;

be able to achieve a dual-screen monitor setup after tweaking with it?

BTW, my shop teacher last year had dual-screens in his classroom, and I asked him how he got it work, and he told me to buy a VGA Split off of Amazon for $3, as that's how his were hooked up. Oh, and they weren't mirrored or cloned, they were extended desktops that worked seamlessly.

BTW (again), I'm running Ubuntu 8.04, if that means I have to do a certain thing or what not.
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Looks like it would just send the output to two screens.. though you might need some software to be software to actually have both screens showing different things... that might not also work for that.. why dont you just google dual screen setups
It should you would just have have to play with your display settings.
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Yes, that will give you video on two monitors. I don't know where you'll find the settings you need to change in Ubuntu, but I can assure you that it supports dual monitors.

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It should you would just have have to play with your display settings.

Thank you and thank you. I'll try to figure it out when I get the one I was hesitating to order on amazon just before.

Thanks again, guys.
It's a little more expensive than three dollars, but you should just buy a video card with dual VGA outs. You have a lot more possibilities on how to set up the monitors.
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