Ive made a few songs starting a few months ago(to a year ago maybe). Like 10-13. I think the songs are good. I think my old music is a little better than my new music in terms of originality, but I still like my new works(it might be because metalcore is more generic then the genre I used to create). I dont want to stop where I am with composing music. I create metalcore/melodic metal.

I found this site with a pdf/webpage on song composition that looked pretty helpful. I think its ment for more classical songs though, like bethoven(it refrences classsical songs a lot in it.), but I think it may work for any compositions. Here is the site: http://www.musique.umontreal.ca/personnel/Belkin/bk/

If it wouldn't help me, does anyone else have an idea of how what I should do?