I have an epiphone SG which i have slowly been doing up, put in some new tuners, a bone nut and i have bought an EMG 81 for the bridge. Which neck pick up would be a good match for the EMG 81?

I will probably go for an EMG just for the hell of it, but some people have recommended the 60, others the 85. Which EMG pickup would be the best suited, and what is the difference between the different EMG neck pickups?

I would like something versatile, and i play lots of stuff from blues to metal

Thanks for your help.
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if you happen to be in the US and want an 85 i have one im trying to sell
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
89 or 60, im not a big fan of the 85
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hmm, still finding it hard to decide, whats the difference between the 85 and 60?
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Get 89 and wire it to a push-pull switch.

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what`s so bad abouth the 85?
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what`s so bad abouth the 85?

Nothing. Some people just don't like them. I think they're just ok, personally.
Dude if you not sure go on the EMG website and listen to the samples....
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