I got to 17.
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i honestly dont believe there is sound past 14, did ne1 really hear it, no bulshiit
I got just before 30 to about 10, then it cut out for a bit and started back up around 11 then quit around 12
From 30HZ to 13 KHZ

**** that hurt my ears...wanted to take the head phones off a couple times.

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19, though 15-19 were confusing. They weren't consistent tones, but rather a single chirp.
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WOOO! I can hear 16.
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Um I heard a high pitched sound as soon as I played the video, and I kept my volume low.

I've got reallly sensitive hearing, to the point where at times it's painful. I can hear the high frequency sound of drills when I'm at the dentist and other weird stuff like that.
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