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You check out mine and I'll check out yours

Hey there!

You seem like you have a pretty good musical sense, and some decent skill on drums (Jungle fever solo was nice) and guitar. I'm also a drummer/guitarist, I can't record my drums though so I use keyboard drums, which I have ridiculous skill at.

Your musical taste doesn't agree a GREAT deal with mine, but I still appreciate your composition. If you'd like me to crit a specific one then let me know.

If you'd like to give a couple of my songs a listen then I'd be very grateful:
"I feel sorry for James Blunt, he has to wake up every morning and think 'Ah man, I'm James Blunt'"
man are you actally 9 years old? or is that just what you've got on your profile?

anyways you've got some good music going on btw. I quite enjoyed the Doobie Bros.

I put a new song up on my profile if you wanna crit it or something maybe..... and btw I sigged you yesterday cus you made my day!

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