So as a Best Buy employee I get crazy discounts on EV mics as BBY is an EV dealer (idk if i should be telling you all this but w/e). Anyways, I'm looking at their cheaper stuff and wondering if its any good. Ive heard nothing but props for the N/DYM and RE series mics, but are the PL and Cobalt lines any good? They're cheap and I don't have lots o cash, so I'm wondering if any of these cheap ones are worth it or not.

i read somewhere else, forget, that they are not that good. Cable gets coiled up too easily inside and carries too much noise. I don't think you would be happy with it. Besides, a Sure57 is not that much more. Maybe someone else can tell you different.

I also had a bad experience at BB buying one of their pedals but that is a whole different story.
I personally really like the Cobalt, But yeah I only do vocals with a stand (guitarist).
So i wouldn't know about it making to much noise from being moved around.