Hey, I've been creating my own music for a while (recording each of the instruments), and I've got more than enough material for an EP, or an album for that matter. I'm in a band with just a guitarist right now and I'm also contributing to songwriting, but he has different musical tastes (we both prefer rock, but I occasionally lean towards the heavier side) and I'm using this as an outlet for the various songs I come up with on my own. I was inevitably thinking of trying to cash in on this and make the music available for purchase. Does anyone have any ideas for this? I was thinking of trying out CD Baby or something along those lines, although I have no idea how to make a legitimate-looking CD or case.

As for publicity, I was wondering how I could go about getting a live band for the rest of it (basically just drums and bass, maybe another guitar, I was planning on doing guitar/vocals) without sounding like an asshole.

Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to go about the whole NIN-esque one-man-band thing.