I got the Boss Metalcore ML2 and it sounds pretty good, but I am wondering if i should return it and get the Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff.

Anybody know which is better or has tried them?

I have a Fender FM212R 2x12 100w

I'm kinda looking to match the sounds of the devil wears prada and bring me the horizon.
i like the metal muff. the boss pedals sound very digital and the muff has a fuzzy, organic distortion, more controls, and top boost.

u should go back to ur store, and put them both into the same amp (doesnt matter if its the same as ur amp) and just A-B both pedals and pick one.
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i actually tried them both on the same day for one of my friends,metalcore blows the muff away,plus i got the same amp as you and i use a metalzone which sounds awesome on them on dirty channel for being a solidstate amp
so you're saying the metalcore sounds better than the metal muff?

I havent tried the metal muff.
if the metalcore is anything like the metalzone,get the metal muff. or a OD pedal is always worth a try.
The metalcore is not what u want if your choosing between that and the Metal Muff. I just got a muff and have had a metalcore for a long ass time and the muff smacks on the metalcore. It gives u a broad range of distortion from crunchy and hardcore to clean metal ****. But if u want so homie hookup advice? If your music store has them, The blackstar distortion pedals Are the most evil **** Iv'e ever heard. try those bro. peace
blackstar distortion?

i will check those out when i return the metalcore.

so the metal muff is better than metalcore
The boss metal pedals aren't that great. Like bees.

The metal muff is awesome, and sounds pretty good with a tube amp, IMO.
I have a metalzone MT2 and i like to play things like bmth and tdwp and some heaveir stuff aswell

I find the boss pedals good quality however i think they are overpriced and the frequency settings are always to complex and almost impossible to get THE exact sound you want

IMO you should try both - i havnt tried the metal muff before
go to the store and let your ears be the judge..........the metal muff is by far the better pedal.
Alright well i am going to return it and get a metal muff.

unless there is another distortion pedal that tops that.