I know arpeggios are just all the notes of a chord played separately.
the ones I see in books repeat some of the notes

an example would be a "c" arpeggio

the chord/triad has the notes C-E-G but the arpeggio
has the notes C-E-G-C-E-G
so does this mean if you want to learn arpeggios from random
chords you just go two octaves and play the triad as a arpeggio twice?

and also what are the rules or whatever for constructing 6 string arpeggios?
the ones I have in a book are all 5 string

and they have the scale type boxes with 4 patterns for each like the mode boxes
so I am assuming you can write out positions just like the modes
and scale patterns?
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An arpeggio is seriously just the chord tones played separately. You can play them in any order as many times as you want.
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A good way to make arpeggios sound better than the normal major minor up and down you hear in 90% of the garbage on the radio is to use embellishments and little licks, skip certain strings, or do the same arpeggio multiple times but change one of the notes on one of the strings each pass. See Led Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You for a simple example of this. String skipping is hard at first, but a valuable technique.