I'm interested in buy the Studio X-treme Lotus that these guys make. I can't find any bad reviews about them and it was GW's GOTM. I'm just wondering if any of the 200+ viewing the forums right now have any experience with them so I can get a little more in depth perspective of what I am about to get into. Also, what finish do you like best? Can't make up my mind.

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Ocean burst is the best IMO, but Im biased towards darker blues, so...
And sorry, no experience with anything like em.
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I think I might actually use that!

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Ocean burst is the best IMO, but Im biased towards darker blues, so...
And sorry, no experience with anything like em.

Thanks, I think that too. I'm just very particular to scratches and fingerprints on my guitars. It's not so much the front I worry about, it's the back. If the back is a wood tone then it'd be okay, but I'm not sure because I can't obtain a picture of it. If it's black then it's out of the question. I can't stand black backs, they get torn up by your belt and show every speck of crap. This is why my guitar shop hates me.
Cream. I've played these things and I must say, they sound amazing, everything is well defined and clear. I must say, it's one of the nicest guitars I've played in that price range.
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I have one and it says made in China. Mine is a Lotus fire burst.
I love this guitar
blue for color it looks so sexy
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The 2 best colours EVER pitted against each other? No wai!

I voted lime.

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btw lime kicked ass

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i don't have a lotus but i have a minarik samhain, its an amazing guitar. beautiful and sounds amazing. but unfortunately i have to sell mine. but you can't go wrong with minarik. plus they are great with their customers. watch some videos on youtube, they have good lotus reviews up. also if you have questions just email them.
They look ugly ...

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The blue is best, but I dont like the shape
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...What's with all the Minarik threads lately?

Ocean burst ftw btw
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