I deleted my other thread, since I couldn't figure out how to change the title. The behringer and line 6 are probably out of my list as of now.

I own a Ibanez GRX20 guitar and my cheap fender amp broke. So Im going to buy another. I'm looking for a very cheap one to practice on, nothing special.

I play indie to near-hard rock, nothing extremely hard.

As of now my first choice is the Peavey Vypyr 15.

I'm looking for an amp with a pretty good amount of effects and a heaphone out.

so far its:

1)Peavey vypyr 15
2)Roland microcube
3) I dunno, I guess the line 6
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I'm sorry, but the spiders are kinda weak man. My expieriance with the spider is that it sounds ok when u have it real low with no effects but when u turn it up to like 6 or 7 and your using effects it lacks punch. The peavey is Bad ass and Is only $100 for the 15w at guitar center. it soiunds great and has great effects that range from country to metal and everything in between. Go with the Vypyr dude
My spider, after 5 or 6, doesnt change in volume at all. It maxes at around 6.

volume doesn't really matter to me. I'm in an apartment so I cant turn it up to "eleven" or anything.

I think I'm gonna pick up a vypyr tomorrow at guitar center, I'll also grab a new strap since the clip on mine is almost falling off. Any recommendations straps or on picks or are they all the same. I just usually grab one of the cheapest I can find at guitar center.
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Well if you want something good without turning it past 11 you could always get a marshall mg for CRUSHING overdrive

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forgot to ask, but is it worth it to pay the extra and get the protection plan. I ask since my last amp broke, albeit that was a $40 one. Will this Vypyr need one. I mean do you guys buy the extra protection plan when you buy guitars and amps and stuff.
I think a Roland Cube 15X is only about 100 dollars or something.

Cubes sound great for practice from what i've heard from others
in my last thread I mentioned the roland cube 15x someone said to stay away from it.
another question, has anyone used the peavey vypyr with headphones. I have some pretty nice monitoring headphones that I'm planning on using at night when people in my apartment building are sleeping since i'm up late as I work from 2:30 to 11pm.
Do not get a spider, they sound like crap and the microcube smokes it. The vypyr amps look very interesting, i am thinking of getting the 75 watt version when they are readily available in the uk.

To me, the microcube is one of tose rare amplifiers that does exactly what it is uspposed to and more.
I'm not 100% on the vyper yet, but I've seena few videos on it (demos from floor shows) and I like them. The microcubes look great, but they dont have all the effects I want. But they are portable. Right now I'm about 60% vypyr 20% cube 20% something to be found.
For $100 the Vypyr is a really good choice. It's better sounding than the Microcube IMO.
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things that made my decision (I'm 90% on the Vypyr), vypyr vs microcube

The microcube is portable so I like that alot. But the Vypyr has more effects and is 15 watts.

I thought the microcube would work fine for me, but I mess around with my friends a lot in my apartment and the microcube, well I dont think that would work as well as a 8" amp. I'd like a amp that I can stick by the wall and keep it their as furniture pretty much. Not a mini that sits on a nightstand. I'll be off tomorrow to pick one up and I'll post my impressions of it.

also^^^ you got a line 6 spider II so I trust your input more than others who have suggested the spider...
OK so save up for a Cube 30? If the size of the MicroCube is what you don't like about it, they make a version with 4 small speakers in it instead of just one. Don't buy an amp based on what it looks like. Buy it based on what it sounds like. Your not going to find a "big, beautiful amp" for $100 bucks sir.

If you have played the Vypyr, and like it, by all means buy it.
yeah, thats not a big part of it. But I want something that can put out some volume at times too is mostly what I meant. When I tried the microcube it didn't seem like it was that "loud" although it sounded great. I haven't tried out the vypyr yet but I will today before I decide to buy it.
The 15 watt vypyr doesn't have a whole set of effects that are on the larger models, you might wanna make sure you're not going to be missing out on stompbox effects you were expecting. Just a word of warning.
Also, I think a lot of people here (even some of those who recommend them) haven't played the Vypyrs themselves. They're very new. There's an awful lot of hype surrounding them.
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i'd try out a Vypyr or DA5 or Cube, all good practice amps, and the DA5 can also be battery powered
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Sorry I didn't address this earlier. There is nothing wrong with a Cube15, but understand, it doesn't have the effects the Micro or 30 has. (Phaser, delay, reverb, flanger) If you don't want that stuff, it's worth a look. It has the clean and distortion channels. If it just had reverb I would have one. Good amp, but know it's not as versatile as the 30 and cube.

Or free bump.
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Also, I think a lot of people here (even some of those who recommend them) haven't played the Vypyrs themselves. They're very new. There's an awful lot of hype surrounding them.

I actually played it the other day. Beats the Cube in the metal department and Vox ADVTs in the other departments IMO. They are up in the class of Flextones while the Flextones are still a bit better.
Picked up the vypyr today at guitar center. I ended up trying a few out, most trying to compare the microcubce and vypyr. But also tried the cube 15, very limited on the effects. I also tried the line 6 out, didn't like it. I also tried out an Ibanez one out, wasn't bad, but not as good as the microcube or vypyr. Haven't taken it out of the box yet, gonna play around with it tomorrow after work.

I also got a cheap nylon strap since mine is nearly broken (like $6) and some of those 3 for $10 used cords. I ended up digging for like 10 minutes and finally found some good (nearly never used) ones at the bottom. One was a really nice right angle 21 ft hosa so not bad for $3.33. Got another 21 ft hosa and one with plastic jacks instead of metal just to have an all black one I guess.

All in all not a bad trip. except I forgot to get a new thin pick, I even wrote it down on the list of amps I was going to try.