It seems as if I missed a couple episodes considering I gave up waiting each sunday when they started airing repeats. On adultswim.com they only have the newest episode in its entire length but for others they are just unorganized clips. Does anyone know any sites where I can watch the couple episodes I missed?
they dont have season 2 DVDs or torrents out :*(
well the torrents are only for the first few episodes of the season
I missed quite a few of them. Probably the last seven or eight. I'll just wait for the DVD. I'm not as motivated as I used to be about getting to the television right at midnight to watch Metalocalypse.

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Torrent them. I have Season 2 episodes up until the latest one and the one about Toki's dad dying.
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...or you can just watch all of the episodes right here. For free.


i was gonna say that
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The music at the end of dethrace is ****ing BROOTAL!

And I lol'd hard at the firecrackers in the dethdad episode.