So if I wanted to slap in some newPre Amp and Power Amp tubes what types would I get for sparkling cleans, great overdrive and a thrashy metal like distortion( I guess 12AX7 and 6L6 tubes, but what are EL34s and other types) and what are some good brands?
I would say go for JJs, they are definitely one of the better current production tubes and they are pretty characteristic of what you want too even. Tung Sol 6L6s should be pretty close to a JJ 6L6 except I think they have a slightly smoother sound and if I remember right less 2nd harmonic response.
I'd also look into a 12bz7 tube if you can find one just to play around with. Some people really like them as they have about 30% or more gain than a 12ax7. You may want to contact your amp manufacturer and see if the amp can handle the added current drain though. JJs are very good tubes. Groove Tubes are overpriced for just being rebranded tubes.
Well it depends on what amp I finally settle with. I played both a Spider Valve and a B-52 ST-6012. For the B-52 I would just want to flush the heavier distortion so it gets a better machine gun chug for when I play Thrash and Death, and for the Spider Valve it would be for both the distortion and the cleans to make them more natural sounding.
Because those are the ones I liked the best. I played a Randall and didn't like it that much. The only Randall I'd get would be the tube combo with the three empty modding slots so I can through some half way decent pre-amps into it but that costs like a grand for the amp itself.
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It depends on:

what amp you're retubing


what you find lacking about the tone right now.


I was going to say that but didnt want to type out a big long post. There are tube books that cover chapter after chapter of picking the right tubes for you. It's not as easy as saying... JJ,EHX,Tung Sol, Mullard are the best...and NOS is br00tz (or whatever weird internet children use)
Hey that helps out a lot, now if theres a link to a site or forum post that explains what each do as in what do 6L6s do as opposed to 12AX7 tube, I'll be set.
Ok I think I'm going to get just some 12AX7 and 6L6 replacements, but if I get say some Mesa Boogie made tubes, will that at all shape my amp tone to sound anywhere close to that of a Mesa Booige Mark IIC+ or Mark IV. I wanna get a sound like that in a price which I can afford pretty much.