Ok not bad as a short composition but if i where you i record real guitars in there!
I was once in the same league as you, ok maybe you don't play guitar
but try to.. it will sound much better believe me..

Oh i definitely play guitar, thats where i came up with the riff haha. I just have no idea how to record it straight to my PC. Could you help me?
Sure but there are many different ways to do it..

1. I started (in the beginning) using my old digitech rp6.. i hooked it up to my pc
by simple using cables (normal male) like you use to connect to an amp!!!

2. Behind your pc there is a line in you can hook different devices to (check it out)
My problem with my digitech was how too connect it in the line in from pc cause
there where male, so the next step was buying a special cable: 2 female
with a mini jack at the end, very simple i plugged the 2 cables in the female
and the mini plug in my pc and voila i could record my guitar sound..
offcourse you need recording software too..

3 the simplest software and the best quality i found was cubase se3
it's too long too explain how this all would work, the best thing for you is to
discover what you want in the end..

Here are some different ways too record on a pc

1. micing an amp (microphone to amp, jack in pc line in)
2. using an effectprocessor to the line in from pc
3. effectpedals and Di box to line in pc (I'm not familiar with this)
4. guitar and cable at the end with miniplug in pc line in
for effects on your guitar you can use free vst effect plug ins downloaded from
the internet, there is also a whole effectprogram on the net called guitar fx
it's tottaly free: it works good for clean but distortion is not the best!
Furthermore there are other programs (much better) but they cost money..

Other ways too connect

1. usb.. now this is really good ( quality is much better and an far improvement
over line in) It's best to check what usb u have? the best is 2.0
2.. fireware (not familiar with this) from i heard no better quality.. it's a hassle
to look for cables i heard.. so usb is the best i hear all the time..

What i'm using?

Podx3 effectprocessingdevice (guitar) with usb attached to pc usb (all is 2.0)
monitoring: outputs (2) connected to external soundcart.. from there runs a
stereo cable (2 cinches) to my hifi set up, so that i can hear my signal.
The podx3 soundcart is switched on in the recording software for recording
mmm mnjamie..

I will post a link to my soundclick so you can hear how usb recordings sound
mind i'm not the best in this department about recording making songs and
mixing.. but i manage to learn bit by bit..

If you have questions, i'm glad to help (try too)

Great start to a song - sounds like it could get very heavy but it also sounds emotional - without being emo if that makes sense lol. I like the double kick bit, it sounds really good, and the riffs are awesome. Definetly worth finishing!
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i like the ending, on real instruments i think it would def. be a good song
keep working on it and keep me posted it you get a real guitar and vocals in there

also please rate my band if you are into grindcore stuff