One is on craigslist right now for $50, I could probably get it for 40.

I've heard sometimes they are shrill and tinny and sound very thin, so I am hesitant to get it.
I use mine in the EFX loop of my amp and it boosts my mids as well as adding some gain as well. it never sounds thin and i use a strat which can be prone to sounding thin.

I really like it but there are better out there.
Im a bit of a tone freak this is the only pedal i use that isnt tone freak-ish but it has mojo and the fact that its not perfect gives my sound a little more charicter.

it is a bit noisey (again im using a strat) but nothing to worry about live and any decent studio has a noise gate.
Yeah, but "does the job" isn't what i'm looking for.

I want to really dish out and shape my tone and have it sound excellent.
Well its fairly modern voiced from my experience with it, if you're looking for something like that I recommend something like the Electro Harmonix Tube EQ.
if you leave it turned on all the time its fine, but turn it off and you can hear it changes the tone of your amp quite a bit as its not true bypass
I have one and its really good, depends on what you want to use it for, but i would place it in the fx loop

But if you are a "tone freak" i would get an mxr eq (one more band)....but the deal you just found is great

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i also use it in my fx loop, it does add some noise. For the price though its a steal, what i would do though (and im probably going to do it) is get it modded. Ive seen some kits for $30. The Boss ge-7 modded ones sell for close to 150. Ive heard it makes this shine.
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Quote by WtrPlyr
It's an EQ.. It's meant to change the sound of your amp.

Oh and True Bypass =/= good

smart @rse, i ment it sucks the tone from an amp when not turned on but if left turned on all the time then that wont matter
Alright guys...I'm having big problems with my brand new GE-7. Whenever i cut or boost any frequencies, the thing makes massive amounts of unwanted noise. I'm really bummed. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU CAN HELP GUYS! Thank you all very much in advance.