the intro is really cool so is the interlude nice tapping , the bass is also very cool , the verse is a bit boring in my opinion but that may be extingt by adding lyrics
chorus is allright , nothing special in there but sounds nice , than again , very simple structure , try adding some bridges ( not the same as intro/ outro) guitar solo base solo , and so on , it sounds nice , but it's a bit little in the moment try adding further things 7/10
I like the intro, its a new take on a very well worn and cliche chord progression. The bass at bar 5 is also really cool, but, unfortuneately, it doesn't do many other cool things for the rest of the song. The coolness of the first riff wears off quite a bit by the interlude, though, as it hasnt changed since the song began. You could try changing the progression as the riff progresses, or add some bass or lead fills to spice it up, because the way it is gets old quick.

The verse, I'm sorry to say, was very boring. The stop and start type of riff lends itself nicely to fills, but there really aren't any fills on any of the instruments. I'm assuming there will some sort o vocal part there, but do some more exciting drum and bass work there and it will make it much more interesting.

Again, at the prechorus, this riff is a little overused. Also, the chorus could really use a lead over it to make things more exciting, because it suffers from the same issue as the rest of the song, it gets old quick. Minor gripe here, but there should be a drum fill before the verse and there should be a crash hit on the first note of the verse, just to announce the transition better.

There's not much else to say since the rest pf the song is repeats. Overall, there's some good ideas here, especially that tapping pattern during the prechorus, but the whole thing suffers from underdeveloped bass work and too much repitition. It has potential, but it still needs some work. 7/10.

God I sound like an asshole. Sorry to be so harsh. Mind giving my new one a look?
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