so i add guitar to beats, instrumental hip hop tracks with no vocals

so beats365, a company online offering tons of free beats to use if you pay 40 bucks

so 40 bucks or so and i say no loss if that does not pan out

so i do the credit card payment, they did not rip off my card, but when i went to download the beats my file manager said download wont work, none of their downloads worked

now not much is known on google searchs of these guys, so i email him he says whats the problem, i email back the problem, no repsonse, then i email him saying i am disputing it, no response

do i dispute this, or is 40 bucks to trivial, i am afraid it would cost the credit card people well over that in their time to pursue it, and that would piss them off,

so this a warning about beats365 service, any feedback appreciated
yeah you ought to complain, they shouldn't be out there ripping people off.
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Get a drummer.
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Get a drummer.

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If you used Visa, you can get the funds returned, afaik.
You should complain but I wouldn't count on getting your money back, there's only one person that cares about you getting your money back and that's you, and if all you have is an e-mail address your chances aren't great, i'm not saying it won't happen, just don't get your hopes up.
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